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3rd year
Crest Lecture Presentation New_star.gif (994 bytes)
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Click here instead if you wish to download the self-extracting Powerpoint presentation (which you can open and print). Just save the crest-notes.exe file, double-click on it (in Windows Explorer), and extract to C:\TEMP, then open the resulting PPT file.

3 Lectures: Community

(download Word DOC file and print it...  if you
have problems printing in the library, set the
printer graphics setting to 300 or 150 dpi.)

RCDSO C.E. Handout
Fee Guide Lecture and Dentistry for Poor
Family Violence Handbook

Oral Pathology Image Database
Oral Pathology Slides
Periodontics Web Site
2nd Year
MEDICINE Lecture 1 Cardio Site
Ortho - Treatment Objectives Overheads
Other Useful Links
Antibiotic Utilization Guidelines 1997
On-Line Medical Dictionary
Rx Drug Database (CPS Online)
Case Studies: Oral Pathology, Radiology, Prostho

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